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Is your perfectionism, ambitious drive and inner voice getting in the way of achieving your dreams?  Let’s work one-on-one to break out of your rut and towards reaching your goals. Discover how working with me will help you find more possibilities than you could ever imagine.


Join a community of ambitious women for a productive happy hour packed full of vivid vision boards, creative collaboration and courageous coaching. Spend over two hours creating themed vision boards while learning the powerful coaching practices for your life.


Your organization’s bottom line (and your own sanity) are dependent on one major factor: Your team.  Your people are your biggest asset and your best investment.

Leadership coaching is the most powerful tool out there to help this investment pay off in spades.


Simplify your business marketing with an expert by your side. The marketing strategy packages are designed to help you plan and execute the most effective marketing strategies to connect with your customers, fast. Have confidence with a marketing maven by your side.

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I’m a Business Coach and Marketing Champion for the modern business woman ready to ignite the spark towards your success. I speak boldly, love openly and coach from the heart to help you gain more clarity around what you want to achieve.


I wake up every day excited to help you live your life to its fullest potential.


I hold a B.S. in Marketing and am pursuing an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation with the International Coaching Federation.



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highly recommended

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  • "It has been an honor to work with Queirra. I am inspired by her hard work ethic and her commitment to enhance the professional development of her colleagues."

    DENISE CRUSEEvents and Business Development Consultant
  • "...Queirra is a marketer to the bone. Her creativity, business savvy and ability to build excellent relationships make her an asset to any organization she is a part of -- PLUS she has a GREAT sense of humor and is alot of fun to work with - even on a bad day. That quality is priceless!.."

    MONIQUE SADLERDevelopment & Special Events Director
  • Queirra has been a God send when it comes to my personal brand development! Having been lucky enough to snag her while I was still in college I can honestly say her professional coaching has help me evolve my resume light years above my colleagues. Everything from finding my why to helping with resume development; advising on page layout, using performance based descriptions, and even color scheme. Her professional coaching has developed my brand to new heights. Within one month of graduation I secured 3 different position within the Graphic Design field. When you work with Queirra you get results and most importantly professional knowledge.

    Nikeyla Satchell
    Nikeyla SatchellGraphic Designer
  • Queirra helped me to completely transform the brand of Through My Father's Eyes Photography. She created my Brand Style Board, Brand Strategy Road Map, and my brand color palette. The Brand Style Board and Brand Strategy Road Map are core documents that I continually use to ensure my brand is consistent. These documents were also used to help transform my website into its new look. Queirra has a wealth of knowledge, is extremely organized, punctual, and has endless ideas of how to best market any business. Queirra has a very warm and inviting personality. She is very honest and will help you take your business as far as you are willing to take it. I truly enjoyed working with Queirra and highly recommend her to any business that is ready to take their business to the next level. I have recommended Queirra to several friends and family and will continue to do so.

    Mary Stanley
    Mary StanleyThrough My Father's Eyes Photography
  • I hired Queirra simply to help with my resume. What I received far exceeded my expectations. Rather than re-write my resume for me, Queirra provided a process that enabled me to brand myself. She gave me tools that I will continue to use with proven success. I cannot say enough about Queirra's talent! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Carmen Nogales Andrews
    Carmen Nogales AndrewsInternational CLO Coordinator
  • Queirra is a dynamic, innovative, enthusiastic professional. Her passion for brand creation, marketing and company recognition is contagious. Queirra approaches challenges from a creative and dynamic perspective that often results in top-notch solutions and sustained results. Her dependability and commitment is beyond reproach. She goes out of her way to ensure that the quality of her work is reflected on every member of the team. Queirra is strategic, methodical and deliberate in her strategies and implementations and she is certain to follow through on every detail of a project to successful completion. Queirra is a true gem. I would recommend her without hesitancy.

    Sharon Kulesz
    Sharon KuleszDirector, Professional Development and Education

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