It’s time for you to

shake sh*t up!

It’s time to remember who you are, who you’ve always been.

A woman destined and ready to soar far further than anyone imagined your business would take you.

Trust me, I’ve sat at that very scary crossroads in business, myself.  Those times when my self-confidence was no longer closing big deals.  Those times when faking my success with a smile really didn’t cut it.  Those times when I sat in front of my computer and asked…

“Where the heck did my ambition go?!” 

What I discovered will shock you.

The key to shifting what felt like doom wasn’t through taking bolder action.

The key is to ALLOW bolder gifts.

I would venture to bet that you struggle with receiving all that life wants to offer you because most of us ambitious women do.

This is your right next step if…

★ You shy away from selling your value because you don’t want to appear egotistical

★ You half-heartedly attempt to pitch your best service to a high-profile client because WHAT IF they actually say yes

★ You continue to bootstrap your business because it’s way more comfortable to work yourself to the bone than trust someone else’s expertise

★ You continue to make decisions for other’s approval because being a “good boss” feels better than being a mogul changemaker

Do I sound like I’m in your head?  That’s because I was you.

Month after month I made big audacious goals but never committed to the discomfort required to make them a reality.  I never committed to allowing myself the opportunity to receive them – until I met my whist end. I was sick and tired of lying to myself.  I made a deep and personal commitment that I was going to receive all that the Universe wanted to give me – comfortable or not.

That’s what I want for you.

It’s time to shake sh*t up!

It’s time to jumpstart your ambition!

It’s time to allow yourself to experience success in a whole new way.


The Ambition Sprint

A V.I.P coaching experience for the woman ready to expand her comfort zone and welcome in more money, more partnerships and more impact – on her own terms.

By the end of the experience, you will…

 Build and execute a 30-day acceleration plan that will multiply your revenue

★ Practice ways to overcome blocking the money-making opportunities constantly coming your way

Experience the art of allowing by saying YES more and figuring out HOW later

Conquer the challenge of producing wildly uncomfortable results

what’s included

★ A Welcome Packet – to lay the foundation of your sprint

★ (1) 90-minute Strategy Session – to dive deep the goal you want to hit and step up the weekly milestones 

★ (1) 30-minute Accountability Session – to check in at the end of your 30-day sprint

★ Unlimited email & What’s App Support to keep you on track and have me in your back pocket for those critical decisions

★ Chance to Win a One-Hour Coaching Session – when you meet your goal at the end of your sprint, you’ll be rewarded with a one-hour coaching session to kick off your next milestone

  • I absolutely loved working with you, Queirra! You are my kindred spirit and I'm so happy I get to see you once a month in DC! You really helped to support me through a tough transition period and I'm so grateful for your calmness and most of all how completely non-judgmental you were/are through that process. You are a wonderful coach, who asks deeply insightful questions and you helped me get to the root of things rather than resting comfortably on the periphery.

    Aly Brookland
    Aly BrooklandLegal Recruiter | Life Coach


  • “I was two years into my business and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my firstchild,when I decided to work withQueirra.  I was tired of shying away from the bigger opportunities and living with the anxiety of an imagined future. I knew it was time to mentally and emotionally prepare myself to take my business to the next level. Our open, honest and vulnerable coaching sessions allowed me to shift from employee to executive in my business and life. Now I awake eager to show up for my business and be the proactive creator of my future.”

    Mary Collins
    Mary CollinsOwner, Carpe DC Food Tours

Are you ready to accelerate your ambition?

  • THANK YOU,Queirrafor your vision, brilliance, energy, company, knowledge, instincts, pampering, and oh so much more ...working so collaboratively and vehemently with me to take Nutrition On Demand apart and put it back together on the way to the next level! It was the exact right time. And you KNOW I also appreciate the serendipity, reflection! I love you are amazing and I feel super fortunate to be on Team Queirra and the powerful female ambition squad you have created! XOXO

    Shelley Maniscalco
    Shelley ManiscalcoCEO, Nutrition on Demand

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