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You’re an ambitious woman.


You’re killin’ it in your career + business.


You’re the go-to person to get sh*t done.


You’re highly respected, well-liked + proud of your accomplishments.


But here’s the thing…


While you may look like you have it all together on the outside, you’ve got a little secret…


You’re exhausted.

You’re on the brink of burnout.

And if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve lost touch with what it is you’re actually striving for.


Sound familiar?


Then, you’re in the right place.


I created a private coaching program for the woman ready to transition into the next phase of her career and business.

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this program isn’t for the average woman

I’m inviting powerhouse women to work with me one-on-one in a transformational partnership.

My Signature Burnout to Breakthrough six-month coaching program, is for the woman ready to do the work to go from guilt and overwhelm to confidence and balance (yes, it’s possible!).


I know because I’ve been where you are and know what it really takes to live a life where anxiety, perfectionism and guilt are no longer running the show.

I had an ambitious goal to become a Director before I was 30.  I’d often work 60 hour weeks (eating lunch at my desk and leaving the office at midnight) and was perpetually exhausted.


  • The muscles in my body were always tense.
  • I didn’t have the time (or libido!) to be with my new husband.
  • I was addicted to my smartphone, email, and to-do list.


And I wasn’t giving my friendships or passions anywhere close to the attention they deserved. I even tried switching jobs (twice!) but both times I ended up just as burnt out and lost as before. I wanted so badly to do something different and dreamed of being my own boss, but was terrified to step into the unknown of running my own business.


I was suddenly and unexpectedly “let go” from my job and remember the shock, the flood of emotions, and most of all the small but powerful voice inside that said, “you will never go back.”


As it turns out, getting let go was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I discovered that I was operating on top of a ton of anxiety–which was really a symptom of not feeling good enough, and ultimately a lack of trust in myself.


I now have a new relationship with my ambition and am on a mission to bring the power of coaching to women who don’t yet know how good life can get.


But wasn’t fully present to then, is just how much control we actually have over our lives.  Freedom, joy and a life that lights you up is possible, and it’s meant for you…



As I said,  I’m not looking for just anyone to take on this journey. I truly believe that it takes six months to experience the consistent success my clients deserve. Which is why I only coach a limited number of women.


If your heart is telling you that this is your next step – let’s book a discovery session to explore further.

you’re a goal digger on a mission

the vip treatment you need to thrive

  • 1    | 60-minute discovery session call
  • 1    | 90-minute foundation session + personal brand audit
  • 23 | 60-minute private coaching sessions


  • A welcome guide that will lay the foundation for our work together
  • Exclusive handouts, exercises and practices customized for your experience
  • E-mail + text support between sessions. For those days when you need that extra boost. I got you!
  • Coaching, love, and support to help you create the career and life you desire.

the experience

This is a unique and personalized experience, but below is a sample outline of the transformation you’ll experience while creating your breakthrough life.


MONTH 1 | Settling the chaos + calming the drama


MONTH 2 | Heightening your self-awareness + choosing confidence


MONTH 3 | Turning inward + finding your authenticity


MONTH 4 | Setting boundaries + trusting your process


MONTH 5 | Discovering + empowering your personal brand


MONTH 6 | Stepping powerfully into your next chapter (one stiletto at a time)


(or an initial deposit of $1,500 plus 5 monthly payments of $1,500)

client love

… and results

  • I absolutely loved working with you, Queirra! You are my kindred spirit and I'm so happy I get to see you once a month in DC! You really helped to support me through a tough transition period and I'm so grateful for your calmness and most of all how completely non-judgmental you were/are through that process. You are a wonderful coach, who asks deeply insightful questions and you helped me get to the root of things rather than resting comfortably on the periphery.

    Aly Brookland
    Aly BrooklandLegal Recruiter | Life Coach
  • Queirra is one of the most authentic individuals I've ever had the pleasure to know or work with. That authenticity translates into her amazing coaching style, which isn't a "one size fits all" approach. She genuinely gets to the heart of how to best be of service to each client by getting you to fine tune and specify what you want to get out of the coaching relationship. She then helps you hold yourself accountable to reaching the goals you create for yourself. While Queirra definitely does push you to challenge your own boundaries in order to achieve the growth you desire, she does so in a warm and emphatic manner that reaffirms her commitment to your success, however you choose to define it. Working with Queirra always felt safe and empowering. It was truly one of the best investments I've ever made in myself and it continues to pay off.

    Verelyn Gibbs Watson
    Verelyn Gibbs WatsonCEO, Watson Works LLC
  • Queirra is an outstanding coach. She asks the right questions, helps you realize your goals, develop the path there, and investigate what may be holding you back. With her support, I made a career change that may not have been actualized without our sessions. I couldn't recommend her more!

    Marisa Grotte
    Marisa GrotteSenior Interactive Designer | Art Director
  • My coaching sessions with Queirra are very empowering! Having her as a coach while I transitioned into a new leadership role was beyond beneficial. I’ve learned a significant amount about my leadership style and the different dynamics of not only managing a team of unique individuals but also how to stay true to myself and my essence. As a rising leader in my organization, I  can truly say that I have benefited tremendously from my individual coaching sessions with Queirra, She’s inspiring, honest, and consistently challenges me to put my best foot forward.

    Acecia Thomas-Baker
    Acecia Thomas-BakerAssociate Director | Marketing

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