Mogul Mindset Mastery

It’s time to be the boss of your business.

When was the last time you felt like a boss in your business?

You started your business to unleash that burning idea that’s always been inside of you!

Or maybe you were like me and stumbled into entrepreneurship after getting let go from your 9-5 grind.

No matter how… you took the leap of faith and started your own business.

You love the freedom of calling your own shots, hiring your dream team and constructing your workday on your terms.

But you agonize over how much time, energy and money it will take tofinallylive that mogul lifestyle you dream about.

You know, the lifestyle of a mogul.


The lifestyle you always imagined but can’t seem to figure out.

If you’re anything like me, or who I used to be, I bet you’ve struggled with knowing how to trust yourself with big decisions, focus more on ambition than intuition and finding the balance between work and life.  Not to mention the constant anxiety of worrying if you’ll have enough cash flow to cover your growing expenses.

You’re trapped on the startup struggle bus and bogged down by:

> chasing behind clients to collect payments and get referrals.

> downloading every new guide, webinar or Facebook ad that may solve your problem.

> jumping from a new revenue idea every month without a clear strategic plan.

> an overflow of emails, meetings and time commitments focused on other people.

Does it sound like I’m in your head?  That’s because I was you.

Are you ready to get off the struggle bus?

I faced the dreaded question…

Should I quit my business?

After years of long to-do lists, split focuses and countless late nights I was out of clients, out of money, and $10,000 in credit card debt.  

I was staring my most dreaded decision in the face – quit my business and return to the 9-5 grind or pull $15,000 out of my 401K and bet on my success in a big way.

It took two months to choose my business but it was one of the boldest and committed decisions I’ve made since my marriage. Choosing to jump deeply into my business helped me master the things that matter as a business mogul – money and mindset.

I stopped:

> spending hours answering emails in exchange for hours developing new revenue streams.
> attending networking happy hours and started joining mastermind lunches.
> comparing myself to others and focused on the power of collaboration.
> desperately looking for clients and learned how to pitch like a pro.

It wasn’t until I put on my big girl panties and learned how to cultivate my mogul mindset that I finally started to work with higher-end clients, increase my revenue and earn the credentials that my reputation stands on today.

Now I coach women entrepreneurs on how to cultivate the mindset and action plan I wish I had when I was building my business.

Are you ready to up level?

  • THANK YOU,Queirrafor your vision, brilliance, energy, company, knowledge, instincts, pampering, and oh so much more ...working so collaboratively and vehemently with me to take Nutrition On Demand apart and put it back together on the way to the next level! It was the exact right time. And you KNOW I also appreciate the serendipity, reflection! I love you are amazing and I feel super fortunate to be on Team Queirra and the powerful female ambition squad you have created! XOXO

    Shelley Maniscalco
    Shelley ManiscalcoCEO, Nutrition on Demand


A six-month one-on-one coaching program tailored specifically to the businesswoman ready to overcome the burnout plateau to make a real impact and real money!

Throughout the program, you will…

Learn how to make intuitive decisions that double your revenue

Master sales calls, pitches and proposals to land your dream clients to enjoy the financial security you desire.

Stand out in your niche with marketing strategies that position you as the unique businesswoman you are

Transform your role in your business from the employee to executive

★ Build the team the supports your every need

Get the mentorship and advice to make critical business decisions

★ Master productivity to get more done in less time

what’s included

★ A Welcome Packet – to lay the foundation and jumpstart your success.

★ One (1) Two-hour Strategy Session – to customize your coaching program specifically to your business.

★ Eleven (11) Coaching Sessions – bi-weekly, one-hour calls to help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

★ Four (4) Marketing Sessions – one-hour calls, used anytime throughout the program, to focus on all of your marketing needs, from email communication to social media strategy.

★ Unlimited Session Recordings – revisit ah-ha moments and keen advice at your own convenience to skyrocket your success.

★ Two Required Readings– E Squared by Pam Grout  and You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero,  to go deeper into the mindset work at your own pace.

★ Customized Templates – to take the guesswork out of project planning.

★ Email Support – for those times you need a second pair of eyes or laser coaching.


  • Before working with Queirra, I was seriously considering walking away from my business. I was stuck in overwhelm, analysis paralysis and trying to get everything perfect.   I knew I needed to get out of my own way, understand why I was placing limiting beliefs on myself and I felt in my core that Queirra was the right coach for me. I was beyond excited when I manifested dope sh*t and secured a contract for a wine tasting even for 250 doctors, my biggest event to date.Now I’m on my way to turning LUSH Wine Events into a wine and travel YouTube series which will eventually become an international TV show.

    Kim Dozier
    Kim DozierSommelier, CEO

You know you have what it takes.

It’s time to be the ambition businesswoman who gets the support she needs to take what she loves to a bigger level.

  • “I was two years into my business and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my firstchild,when I decided to work withQueirra.  I was tired of shying away from the bigger opportunities and living with the anxiety of an imagined future. I knew it was time to mentally and emotionally prepare myself to take my business to the next level. Our open, honest and vulnerable coaching sessions allowed me to shift from employee to executive in my business and life. Now I awake eager to show up for my business and be the proactive creator of my future.”

    Mary Collins
    Mary CollinsOwner, Carpe DC Food Tours

Are you ready to master the mogul mindset?

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