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After many years of career achievements in the marketing industry, Queirra Fenderson hit rock bottom when her employer spoke five dreaded words, “Today is your last day.” That moment turned into her ultimate breakthrough. “I cannot continue to allow my ambition to physically and mentally burn me out. I must make a change!”

As an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Queirra integrates her ontological training, Law of Attraction practices and high-achieving lifestyle to help executives and entrepreneurs amplify their results while strengthening their intuitive leadership. Known for her vulnerable, soulful delivery style with an equal helping of playfulness and poise, Queirra packs a refreshing punch while leaving your audience with practical tips to transform their ambition into a source of power.


Ambition is a Superpower, Not a Sacrifice

We all have ambition and it can either be sparked or extinguished. The problem is, most of us don’t know what to do with it. It’s simply how we’ve always been since childhood and too many of us are letting it destroy us. Queirra exposes the barriers that stop top high performing executive and entrepreneurial women from capitalizing on their potential. From learning how to create a healthy relationship to their ambition, to understanding masculine and feminine approaches, to more effectively listening to their intuition, to demystifying self-worth. Queirra’s keynote can be adapted into half-day or full-day interactive trainings or retreats.

  • Queirra masterfully guided us through an exploratory exercise of discovery into our intuitive leadership style helping to uncover what is truly hindering success.  Her professionalism, poise and willingness to share her own vulnerability connected her with the audience resulting in genuine engagement.

    Dana Hutson
    Dana HutsonPresident, National Association Women Business Owners, Greater DC chapter
  • Queirra is incredibly dynamic and engaging. With humor and honesty, she empowers us to look at ambition from a fresh perspective.  She gives us permission to want big things out of life, yet not to let it drive us under.  Queirra has an incredible presence that captivates an audience while sharing real world insight to move us forward.

    Sage Hobbs
    Sage HobbsAuthor of Naked Communication, Speaker, Coach

If interested in booking Queirra to deliver a keynote, host an event, facilitate an interactive training or present a panel, please contact her at me@queirra.com

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For interview and media requests, please contact her at me@queirra.com

 Connected Woman Magazine

A Shift in Ambition
Queirra Fenderson is a Certified Life and Business Coach.  But before that, she was FIRED. After working herself to the bone to meet her own career expectations, she found herself out of work.  She also found her way to a career she now loves and that loves her back.  Let’s chat with her about how her own ambition eventually brought her the focus and abundance she needed. Read the full article.

Common Roadblocks for Women
CWM put out the call for help on overcoming some common obstacles for women and Life Coaches, Charlene Feathers and Queirra Fenderson answered the call and offered some awesome ways to get over and get through. Two points of view, equal tons of tips for you.  They are our featured experts in our Doreen Rainey Double Feature Interview and want to help you get out of that slump. Read the full article.

Kelly Atwood Podcast

Law of Attraction Interview
“Queirra’s always been a bad*ass, always had a passion, always had a mission but had a difficult time fully stepping into her power and leaning into this process of manifestation and Law of Attraction… [now] she’s created killer results in her business.  So, I wanted to bring her on to chat with you guys about what that process has been like for her and it’s also really valuable to hear from someone who’s been in the trenches at one point is now creating everything she set out her mind to create.” Listen to the full podcast.

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