Power Play
V.I.P. Day

A luxury experience
another day, another dollar…

and today’s

no different

It’s 6:00 am. Time to turn off your alarm and turn on your email. You brace yourself for all the new fires you must put out.

… another last-minute email from your boss

… another meeting invite during lunchtime

… another client request with an ASAP deadline

But it’s nothing new… this is the story of your life.  

A high-achieving, powerhouse woman flawlessly thriving in her accomplishments – or that’s what most people believe.

Between you and me, I know you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and lacking the authentic confidence to take that bigger risk in your career and business.

I know because I was you.

In 2013, I was at the peak of my career and at my lowest level of happiness.  I was constantly stressed by impossible goals set by my boss. I was barely seeing my friends and family. And my husband and I felt like roommates. I was completely oblivious that I was on the brink of burnout.

Until one day, I woke up at 6:00 am, turned off my cell phone alarm and turned on my email.  

The anxiety and stress hit me like a ton of bricks and my neck locked up.  I literally couldn’t move my neck from side to side – my shoulders had locked in spasm. 

I was forced to take a sick day and was out of work for five days straight.

I had burned out.

As ambitious women we feel obligated to do it all – be the perfect professional, be the perfect wife, be the perfect mom, be the perfect friend

– but what about being the perfect YOU?

Your ambition is your superpower,
as long as it’s not a sacrifice.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee, you can break free from workplace burnout

the power play V.I.P. day

After a luxurious day of breakthroughs, you’ll step into your future with…


  • A new relationship with your ambition that doesn’t leave you feeling trapped in stress
    A deeper understanding of the habits that keep you in overwhelm and new ways to break the cycle, once and for all
  • Daily practices to strengthen your intuition and weaken doubt, hesitation and analysis paralysis
  • Practical tips to attract more abundance into your life and open yourself to receive more money, opportunities and gifts from the Universe
  • Grounded clarity on how to reach your top goal this year without sacrificing your sanity
  • A work/life integration plan to start making changes as soon as Monday
  • A radiant, high vibe buzz that only comes from the release of deep inner work and luxurious self-care*

* Watch out! Side effects may include manifesting dope sh!t

Is your heart telling you that this is your next step?

Your 24-hour
solution to workplace burnout

the experience


  • A personalized welcome packet
  • A 60-minute coaching call where we outline your deepest desires and biggest challenges



  • An 8-hour coaching intensive catered to your individual needs – blending mindset, spirituality, strategy and self-exploration into an actionable plan
  • Private car service to start and end the experience without the stress of DC traffic
  • An overnight stay at a luxurious hotel
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) included keeping you nourished and energized throughout the process
  • A 1-hour in room massage to end your experience in full relaxation mode


POST | V.I.P. Day

  • 2 email check-ins to review your progress and get supported
  • 60-minute coaching call to work through any remaining mindset blocks and complete the experience

*Flight not included
*Virtual options available


Here’s a general outline of how your experience may flow – but remember, the best breakthroughs are customized.


10:00  am

  • Arrive at Hotel


10:30 am

  • Mogul Mindset Coaching Session


12:30 pm

  • Lunch Break

1:00 pm

  • Money Manifestation Activity
  • Abundance Coaching Session
  • Designing Your Future Strategy Session

6:00 pm

  • Dinner


7:30 pm

  • Journal Reflection & Rest



9:00 am

  • Breakfast at Hotel


10:00 am

  • Productivity Coaching Session


11:00 am

  • Private In-Room Massage


1:00 pm

  • Leave Hotel

you’re on the brink of burnout…

If you get one more email, meeting invite or client demand, you’ll EXPLODE!!

success stories

  • Queirra is one of the most authentic individuals I've ever had the pleasure to know or work with. That authenticity translates into her amazing coaching style, which isn't a "one size fits all" approach. She genuinely gets to the heart of how to best be of service to each client by getting you to fine tune and specify what you want to get out of the coaching relationship. She then helps you hold yourself accountable to reaching the goals you create for yourself. While Queirra definitely does push you to challenge your own boundaries in order to achieve the growth you desire, she does so in a warm and emphatic manner that reaffirms her commitment to your success, however you choose to define it. Working with Queirra always felt safe and empowering. It was truly one of the best investments I've ever made in myself and it continues to pay off.

    Verelyn Gibbs Watson
    Verelyn Gibbs WatsonCEO, Watson Works LLC
  • THANK YOU,Queirrafor your vision, brilliance, energy, company, knowledge, instincts, pampering, and oh so much more ...working so collaboratively and vehemently with me to take Nutrition On Demand apart and put it back together on the way to the next level! It was the exact right time. And you KNOW I also appreciate the serendipity, reflection! I love you are amazing and I feel super fortunate to be on Team Queirra and the powerful female ambition squad you have created! XOXO

    Shelley Maniscalco
    Shelley ManiscalcoCEO, Nutrition on Demand

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